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Our Story

Diehard Security Solutions has been providing quality services to Bay Area businesses since 2012.
Our company mission is simple: to give clients peace of mind by knowing their security needs are handled by professionals. We proudly provide bar/nightclub and event staffing, corporate/homeowners association security, and fire watch monitoring.

Our company vision is to be positioned as THE Bay Area’s client-focused security firm. As such, Diehard Security Solutions specialists assess your security needs and provide employees that best fit with your business model. However, you can rest assured that all of our employees are trained to provide security services in a professional manner.

lockDiehard founder and CEO Joseph Bando noticed a trend of security professionals whom possessed condescending tones and confrontational attitudes. He formed Diehard Security Solutions in response to these inadequate security methodologies. Diehard employees are trained to present a welcoming demeanor for your customers, setting the tone for positive interactions with your staff and customers from the moment of our arrival.

In the unfortunate event that one our specialists must intervene in a situation, they are specially trained in techniques that minimize confrontation and limit liabilities. But we find that utilizing preventative measures (rather than the standard reactionary approach) allows us to avoid conflicts while simultaneously eliminating any threat to your business and or customers.




Diehard security specialists provide a safe and welcoming environment for our clients’ customers. It’s really that simple. We examine your business model and tailor our specialists’ skill set to meet your needs.

Our specialists are trained in alcohol awareness, as well as California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) codes to ensure your business is protected from the front door.

However, an unfortunate reality of the bar/nightclub/event industry is that sometimes customers can be problematic. Our method is to remove offenders quietly and peacefully – without making a scene. Our approach both limits liability and promotes a safe and secure environment.

Corporate/Homeowners Association Security

Diehard Security Solutions can provide you with personnel for any location or occasion. We offer stationary guards, foot patrol and mobile patrol services. Our guards are fully licensed and certified with the State of California BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigations) and certified to carry pepper spray and/or batons as a last resort option.


Fire Watch Monitoring

In the event your fire system goes offline, Diehard can provide a specialist specially trained in all aspects of fire watch monitoring, keeping your business in compliance with fire codes and insurance regulations.


Team Diehard


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