Complete Security Solutions


Diehard Security Solutions has partnered with Visioneers to provide a complete security solution. By combining Diehard’s empathic security approach with Visioneers’ outstanding technology we are able to bring your protection to the next level!

Visioneers provides custom security solutions (video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection) for your home and business.  They tailor these systems to your needs and unique circumstances for your home, office, bar, or nightclub.

Having Security Cameras installed has many benefits:

  • Discount on Insurance Premiums
  • Keeps employees and customers honest
  • Helps resolve disputes
  • Visible equipment deters break-ins
  • Remote monitoring
  • Water marked video evidence which can be used for prosecution

Cameras used to be just a deterrent, but now they have become a tool for the public and police to counteract the growth in crime. By utilizing mega pixel cameras and network video recorders we can dramatically increase the value a camera system provides.

Having a Security System provides:

  • Discount on Insurance Premiums
  • Detection on Burglary
  • Detection on Fire
  • Detection of Unsafe CO2
  • Silent Panic Alerts

A security system cannot stop an intruder, but in the event you are attacked at your property and have the chance to press your panic button Diehard Security and the police will be silently notified of your situation and respond accordingly. Plus when your away from home if an intrusion is detected Diehard can respond much faster than the police department; this will also reduce false alarm incidents.

To learn more about what Visioneers can do for you, visit their website at and make sure to mention you were referred by Diehard Security!