Corporate Security

Ensuring you and your employees are secure in the workplace is critical. Die-Hard Security Solutions can provide you with personnel for any location or occasion. We offer stationary guards, foot patrol, and mobile patrol services. Our guards are fully licensed and certified with the State of California BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigations) and certified to carry pepper spray and/or batons as a last resort option. We protect your employees, physical property, and intellectual property, so that you can rest assured knowing you're safe and secure with Die-Hard.

Retail Security

The retail space can be very challenging. Loss prevention is a big deal and can arise from both internal and external threats. Die-Hard security specialists provide a safe and welcoming environment for our clients’ customers while ensuring your employees are treated with respect while protecting your business.

Our first step in retail security is to evaluate your location, identify threats, anticipate problem areas, and develop a strategy to protect your retail establishment.

The technique we use creates a welcoming environment for your customers and employees while ensuring your retail businesses’s security.


Event Security

Die-Hard security specialists provide a safe and welcoming environment for our clients’ events. It’s really that simple. We analyze your event and look for areas of concerns and vulnerabilities, and we tailor our specialists’ skill set to meet your needs.

Our security specialists are trained in alcohol awareness, as well as California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) codes to ensure your event is protected from every angle.

However, an unfortunate reality of the event industry is that sometimes attendees can be problematic. Our method is to remove offenders quietly and peacefully – without making a scene. Our approach both limits liability and promotes a safe and secure environment.

Residential Security

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, and Die-Hard security has trained professionals to help you do just that...feel safe. Whether you're a company that deals in housing, an individual that owns residential facilities, be it apartment complexes or rental houses, or a home owner looking for a little extra peace of mind, we have the solution for you.



Die-Hard Security Solutions' experienced staff can help you in deciding exactly what type of security needs you might have. Whether you have a small office, multi-acre property, or a large venue, Die-Hard's team of experienced consultants are equipped to provide you with exactly what you need. From proper lighting, to CCTV, to visitor check-in stations, Die-Hard will make sure that you, your employees, your facility, and your guests are properly secure.

Places of Worship State and Federal Grant Program

Whether your facility is strictly used as a Place of Worship, or in multiple roles such as an event hall, K-12 school, day care, or gathering spot for the community, we can assist in setting up a complete security infrastructure.

We will work with your current security or usher team to ensure that you are fully covered and prepared for any event. Our job is to ensure that you are proactive in regards to the safety of your employees, members, and visitors. With funds available from state and federal grants, you can insure that your members and visitors are safe without having to spend out of pocket. We will evaluate your facility, help you fill out the necessary forms to apply for grants, and deal with the logistics so that you can be prepared.


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